Boys Behaving Badly

Boys Behaving Badly

So how about the NBA, huh? That’s some good shit. I couldn’t believe it. I was watching the TV in disbelief. No way he actually just ran up into the stands and punched that guy. Thank God his teammate went to get him. Wait, he’s not getting him. Wow. That was nuts. And then South Carolina and Clemson broke out in a fight that even armed police officers couldn’t control for 10 minutes. I didn’t think we’d miss the NHL as much as we do. People don’t know where to fight anymore. At least in the NHL, there’s a layer of glass between the players and fans so Marty McSorly can’t go into the stands and beat somebody with his skate. Thank God we don’t take soccer seriously. Then we’d just be Europe sans the fog.

Quote Of the Day 11/22/04

“Well, at least the NBA is exciting again.”

-B Ferg

Sure, if wearing flak jackets and a helmet is your style. Which, by the way, I think would be funny if somebody out there has lower deck tickets to an NBA game and wants to get on TV.

Fighting for the forces of goo,


Still Standing Right Here…

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