I have been outdone. And it doesn’t happen often, but this was good. To give a little background, I was officially given celebrity status when I was profiled in the newspaper for basically doing my job. They took a picture of me to go alongside my article. When I got to work Monday morning, there was a picture about 3 feet wide by 4 feet tall of my head taped up to the door. And then I turned the corner. Somebody had plastered my entire wall with at least 200 copies of… well, me. It was the background on my computer, and they had given me a unibrow in one of the pictures. It was quite a sight. Like a very disturbing personal shrine. I half expected there to be a burning pink hat on a plaster model of Steve from Blues Clues in my drawer. So the way it happened apparently was that when I left work Tuesday, Geoff had Anna cut out a bunch of pictures from the newspaper and put them up all over my computer. Well, then Tim and Brian walked in. They didn’t stop until it became a fire hazard. It was like two children walking through the gates of Disneyland for the first time. They started copying, cutting, and taping to the wall. They were much more efficient. They enlarged the copy and made about a million of those. Then they e-mailed the newspaper and got them to send a copy of the picture. Then they revived this poster printer in our office, which no one has been able to get to work for 4 months. They wanted to do the whole ceiling too, but Geoff had to stop them and remind them that this was a place of business, however little business actually takes place in it. So props to Geoff, Anna and Matt, but mostly Tim and Brian who spent some long hours while not getting paid to build my shrine…

Quote of the Day 11/29/04

“Somebody pulled a Dustin on Dustin.”

-Gary, upon seeing the sight

Revenge is a dish best served naked (or was that cold?).

Check it out: http://www.umbc.edu/athletics/Recreation/Images/Drec/ (Ed note: I’m publishing this on 6/29/09 and that page is still up. That’s damn funny.)

I know where you live,

Mr. Popular.

Still Standing Right Here…

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