REL 100: Remedial Religion

REL 100: Remedial Religion

So I celebrate Christmas, but I know not everybody does. And I’m really glad I do mostly because I don’t understand how Judaism works. Sure, Chanukah sounds cool when you’re a kid and you get jealous of your Jewish friends that get 8 presents when you only get that cardboard drum with the Quaker on it. But you’d have to convert to a whole other religion to do that. And that’s a lot of work. You’d have to learn how to read backwards and wear the part of a hat that they cut out to make visors. And lots of other stuff like that. But Judaism is more than just a religion. It’s a culture and it’s almost like a race. How can you be half Jewish? What’s the other half? If possible, I’d like to be half Jewish and half Christian to cover my ass, if that’s an option. But then you get people that convert to Judaism with no background in it at all. I think. I should put up a disclaimer now that all of my information about the Jewish heritage comes from “The Hanukkah Song” by Adam Sandler. And off topic, I think it would have been funnier if the song was by Chaka Khan (get it, Chanukkah by Chaka Khan?). I’m sure there’s a better joke in there somewhere, but I’m tired.

So anyway, these people that convert aren’t really Jewish at all to begin with. I still don’t quite get it. Can you decide to be part of the culture, but not the religion? Or vice versa? And can you just be Jewish when you need to get off for random holidays like Rosh Hashanikuh? But it’s not like Christmas is any better. It’s a religious holiday you don’t even need to be religious to celebrate. You think all those people that celebrate Christmas are Christians, well you musta just fell off the Gullible Wagon. It’s the default holiday. And somewhere along the line, they even took the Christ out of Christmas and replaced it with an X. Like you do in algebra. It’s the age old science vs religion debate playing out under our noses on one of the most sacred (or secular) days of the year and we never even knew it! Those secret society masons are clever. And like all Christian holidays, it has a completely unrelated figure to make it more fun for kids. As a kid, I actually questioned what the heck this fat bearded old man had to do with the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior. And why is New Years a whole week later, if that’s supposed to be based on the birth of Christ (you know, BC and AD)? I’m sure somebody’s got an answer to that. And I don’t have time to get into Easter just now, but it took me a while to come to the realization that rabbits don’t even have eggs. Why are they both synonymous with Easter? But hey, it (Christmas) is still the greatest holiday, no matter where your personal Christmas (or Hannukah) comes from. So who am I to ruin it with all this speculation? I’ll ruin it in many other ways. 🙂 And who the hell came up with Quanza? Like we don’t have enough to try to figure out with these two wacky holidays. And I need to ask a favor of all of my friends. There’s nothing I hate more during the holiday season than getting stressed out over buying gifts and making sure I don’t offend anybody. So I’ve decided I’m not getting stressed out about it. I have also however, jam packed my calendar full with crap to do from now until the big day. And I haven’t really started my Christmas shopping yet. Which also means I haven’t finished it yet. It seems like this goes on almost every year, but this year is a lot worse. So I’ll need you good friends of mine to bite the bullet on this one. Here’s a conversation I could have had with Tony at his Christmas party this year:

Me: “Hey Tony. Sorry, but your present hasn’t come in the mail yet.”
Tony: “Don’t worry about it.”
Me: “Actually, I haven’t even ordered it yet.”
Tony: “…”
Me: “Well, to be honest, I haven’t even figured out what I’m gonna get you yet.”

I’m scheduling a special Dustin Christmas for sometime around Presidents Day. I don’t think we’ll all be getting together like we would on Christmas, but I think the deadline will help. And the extra added surprise will make it all the more special. Some of you may recognize this theory as the same one I use for Valentines Day. I’ve actually been applying this to all aspects of my life for years, I’ve just been playing along for the holidays for the last 11 years. Anyway, I’m out of time to be creative, so you may all get the same thing this year. And chances are it will be a UMBC day camp T-shirt, but that will really just be a proxy until the real holiday. President’s Day.

Coming back from a football game, a few of us were in the car and this squirrel jumped out in front of the car. He ran halfway across the street, and cut back really quick, then doubled back and I didn’t know what to do to help, so I just drove straight and somehow the little guy went underneath the car and came out the other side unscathed and running to the other side of the road…

Quote of the Day 12/20/04

“Did you see the moves on him? He’s like the Dante Hall of squirrels.”

-B Ferg

The Priest Holmes of squirrels was still sitting on the other curb in street clothes.

The Dante Hall of internet humor,

D Rec.

Still Standing Right Here…

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