Alright everybody. Tomorrow is the big day. The day that will shape my attitude for the rest of the year and determine whether or not I sink into a two month bender and wind up in the gutter on the streets of Dundalk somewhere. It’s the NFC championship game. And in case you don’t follow football, the Eagles will be in it for the fourth year in a row. They lost the last three. I need them to win not as much because I am a fan, but because everybody knows I’m a fan, and there’s nothing these Redskins fans at work like more than to tease me about those 3 lost championship games. Nevermind that their team hasn’t had a winning season since the 90s. They try to rub in that superbowl they won back in the stone ages where everybody was beating up the Bills. What is the statute of limitations on that anyway? But even more than that, they thrive when the Eagles choke in the NFC championship every year. I can’t go to work. Cause they know. They already started printing a shirt with Eagles spelled “EagLLLLes” that Geoff is going to buy for me if they lose again (the four Ls for the four losses – for my slower audience out there). And in the last three years, I think I figured out why there’s two weeks between the championship games and the Superbowl. See, the programmers want everybody to watch the Superbowl. And everytime after that damn game, I don’t feel like watching football for at least another two weeks. So for the peace and mind of an entire city who has made their temperament known to the sports world, root for the Eagles. To win. Not to lose. And I know some of you out there are jerks and you just thrive on other people’s misery, and that’s fine. I promise you some juicy stuff about my dating life will follow next week. Just get this damn monkey off our back. Besides, TO will be coming back for the Superbowl if we make it. And wouldn’t it be cool to see his next celebration? I think he should raise the PAT net himself. That would be funny. I don’t think anybody’s done that one yet.

Meanwhile, the Saturday Morning Hero League continues… We go play football on Saturday mornings and go to a bar afterwards. This year, the owner/coach/manager/quarterback of the team decided to replace himself at QB after three seasons with a combined record of somewhere around 7-23. The new guy goes on to look better and get us a pretty decent win. At the bar afterwards, here’s what our new fullback had to say…

Quote of the Day 1/17/05

“I finally figured out why I’m not a good quarterback. Because I’m not a quarterback.”


Well, I’d been telling him that for years. It’s about time somebody started telling it to Chris Redman.

Prying the monkey off the eagle,

Dustin McNabb.

Still Standing Right Here…

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