OK, we’re gonna take a break from the Alanis Morisette dating life I’ve been leading for a while (and we won’t speak of that sporting event that may or may not have happened a few days ago), and we’ll concentrate on my newest addiction, poker. Thankfully, I have a computer that can only support my habit about three hours at a time. This is why I still sleep at night. Once I get a new computer, I will need to find an alternative to sleeping. Anyway, I was recently playing hold em online with my dad and got an ace-four. I told him I didn’t want to call because I had an ace with a poor kicker…

Quote of the Day 2/7/05

“That’s not a kicker. That’s not even a punter.”

-The dad.

And that’s not the only poker/football joke I got lined up for this week!

Bettin on a loser,

Busted Nuts.

Still Standing Right Here…

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