Speaking of Me…

Speaking of Me…

So now that John is privy to this new info, he has another take on my dating life. Maybe it’s not the college grads that is my problem, rather the masters students. He thinks they need the real world to beat the flakiness out of them. I don’t know if that necessarily follows a sound track of logic, but I’m willing to accept any explanation that expands my dating pool. That last QOTD about giving up on the college grads came the same day that I hired a 16-yr-old high school girl to be my day camp assistant. Before anyone thinks anything, this was pointed out to me by my two dirty old men coworkers. I hadn’t even noticed. They thought it was something of a coincidence. Well, I’m dispelling any rumors before they start. This girl isn’t even my type. I saw her IM screen name on her computer and it had every other letter capitalized, like if TiVo was a really long word. That reeks of high maintenance anyway. Gee, I wonder why everybody makes fun of me for dating younger chicks? Has anyone actually seen me date a younger chick or have you just heard me talk about it all the time? Never mind that comment. Well, they tell you to turn into a skid.

So my roommate’s girlfriend (Megan) was telling me about a girl she knows in her sorority who has this EXTREME attention issue. As in, she always needs it to be on her. Everybody knows the type, I’m sure, but this was apparently an extreme case, as my roomie described her…

Quote of the Day 2/21/05

“I could be telling a story about her, and she’d interrupt to start talking about her. ‘Speaking of me…'”

-Perpendicular Keith

I think I dated her once.

Runnin into the sun but I’m runnin behind,

D Ref.

Still Standing Right Here…

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