My 30 1/6 Birthday Celebration

My 30 1/6 Birthday Celebration

It’s kinda the nature of my job that dictates certain principles of my social life. For example, I seem to cycle through friends every 4 years. Originally when I thought this, I was kidding. But look at it. John, Rachel and the two Mikes, etc. were class of 97. Evil Joe, Steve and Russ, etc. were class of 01 (or supposed to be). Now Tom, Keith and the Ustins are class of 05 (close enough). Then there’s Tony and the Wadfather who kinda span the first two groups and of course a few others like Tim, Brian, and Ante M who I can’t really classify because Brian Moore goes to school like SuperDave and Dan used to. “Did he ever graduate? Oh no wait. There he is in the Commons. Guess not.”

But for one day, they all came together. To celebrate my 30th birthday. Oh sure, my actual birthday was almost two months ago and really, only the first two groups of friends came out because the newer ones can’t get into bars yet, but a great time was had by all. And those of you who didn’t make it should be ashamed. You missed me fellatiating an Asian waitress on my knees in public (yes, you read that correctly; yes, I typed that correctly; and yes, I made up the word fellatiating) who probably won’t even call me back. But it was a good $10 for Wad and Sev. It’s even on video if you missed it. But only like on Chris’ little iPod looking thing. Don’t run out to Blockbuster just yet. And I think a cute chick kissed me. But I only have vague recollections of that. And I seem to think she was paid off anyway. Yes, Chris has just informed through IM that she was indeed paid off. False alarm, ego.

But anyway, thanks to everybody for coming out and to Sev for coming up with the idea 2 months ago. Both Mikes came out of hiding for a few hours and the Evil Joe contingency was kickin as usual. And Joelle and Niki even brought their cute roommate who made out with me for a few bucks. You other friends need to step up to the plate! Except Teresa. You’re set for life.

OK. Back to reality here. I was talkin to Mike (Ante M) Aring (he hates that name, but there are too many Mikes around so it’s gonna serve my purpose here – deal with it) on Saturday night about the forecast. At first it was supposed to be a huge storm (which it apparently is), then maybe just rain, then it might miss us altogether. Anyway, the forecast was changing like… well, like the weather. So I told him that this storm was coming up from the gulf. It was serious. Gulf storms don’t front. He laughed. Then he laughed harder…

Quote of the Day 2/28/05

“I laughed, and then I got it.”

-“Loses With the Best Hand” Mike

Yeah, and we’re still getting it.

Good friends, good times,

D Rec.

Still Standing Right Here…

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