Leaving the Nest

Leaving the Nest

Hey y’all. First of all, there are more than just my usuals onthis list, so I’m sorry if you’re getting this and you have no idea why,but stick it out and I promise you’ll appreciate it. Maybe. And to myfaithfuls, I’m sorry I haven’t been as faithful, but I’ve been busy with alot of shit which will become clear in just a sec.

I’m gonna skip past a lot of the “what I’ve been doing, what body part I’ve hurt, and what I did to screw up a date recently” part of this catch-you-up-with-Dustin message cause I have pretty big news for the few of you that haven’t heard yet. TODAY IS MY LAST DAY AT UMBC EVER. Well, maybe not ever, but I have indefinately taken a job in Ohio at Miami University. Yes, I said Ohio. Not the sunny, chicks in bikinis, beach volleyball all day Miami that Will Smiff raps about. The cold and snowy,tractor pulls during the day, Dairy Queen and SuperWalmart at night Ohio version that not even country artists have heard of. This whole turning 30thing really fucked me up. But it’s a good job and the school has like afootball team and stuff. Leaving all my friends and family and thecomforts of civilization to go run equestrian and clay shooting tournaments (I’m not kidding) just seemed like a good idea at the time. But I’m sure I’ll be fine out there. Actually, I’m about 65% sure thatI’ll be bored to tears out in Middle America and come screaming back tothe Eastern Seaboard after about a year. We’ll find out soon enough.

So write me please. But not necessarily here, because they areactually stripping away my umbc e-mail address after 12 years. Thebastards! It may actually work for a few months, but they will definitelybe obliterating it by mid-August. Once somebody teaches me how to downloadall my messages and addresses to outlook, I’ll be using my yahoo accountexclusively. Until August. So here’s where to write Dustin RecSports untilfurther notice:


Soon enough, I’ll be able to write you back. But the damn tech heads atUMBC couldn’t talk to me like the idiot I am, spewing out terms like popsand imaps and crap. So I need a tech to idiot translator also, if any ofyou want to try to do that. I have off work until August, so wheneveryou’re free is probably good.

Also, they are definitely taking my phone away. I will be gettinga new phone and new phone number possibly tomorrow, but everything iskinda up in the air. I think I might be able to salvage my addressbook soI can still call all of you, but that doesn’t help much with incomingphone calls, I know. I also think I can check my messages from a remotephone, but who the freak knows? I’ll let you all know if I get a new phonenumber.

But more pressing than all this is the fact that I will be havinga “IT’S MY LAST DAY EVER AT UMBC” PARTY AT HOWL AT THE MOON TONIGHT!!! Friday night, ladies and gents at around 8pm, I plan on getting to Howl and I plan on closing the place. And if as many people come as said theywere going to, we may have to rent the place out. Bring friends. Telleverybody you ever knew. Especially the female everybodys (I’m lookin out,Tom). It’s the ending of an era and the turning of a page. Later on this summer before I leave for good, we’ll trash Joe’s house in my honor, butcome out tomorrow just in case you can’t make it next time. And buy me adrink cause I’m unemployed for the next 7 weeks.

Before I leave, some parting words from my soon-to-be former bosswhen I had first started wearing glasses…

Quote of the Day 6/10/05

“Those glasses make you look older. I don’t know about smarter,but they definately make you look older.”

-Boss X.

Gee, I hope I can get as much positive reinforcement in Ohio.Come to Howl!

The ending of an era and the turning of a page,

Dustin, RecSports.

Still Standing Right Here…

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