Play is a 4 Letter Word

Play is a 4 Letter Word

So one of the most exciting and unpredictable tournaments in NCAA basketball history just came to a close tonight. Unfortunately, the climax was the worst part. Kinda like how Signs was awesome for about an hour and a half and then Wakeem Phoenix beat the alien to death with a bat. And I just don’t ever feel like spelling his name right, in case you were gonna jump on me about that. The whole George Mason story was great up until Saturday where they looked like Brick Mason. And some people said when they got to the final four that you couldn’t have scripted a better story than if they won the whole thing. I disagree. I am going to prove that you can. My screenplay will have an 11-seed win the NCAA tournament, but also save us from evil robots and a Category 5 hurricane. There’s your script!

Yeah, anyway, so they’re done. As is LSU, so there wasn’t even a guy with a nickname in this final game. And I just couldn’t care less about this Goliath vs. Goliath match tonight. It’s like watching the Williams sisters in the finals of the French Open. What’s the point? Well, I suppose I could actually care a little less. Like at least it’s not soccer. Or American Idol. Or the last 5 seasons of Friends (yep, I think he successfully offended everybody). But hey, at least Duke didn’t win, right?

So I’m going to this party, er… I mean conference all this upcoming week starting tomorrow for college recreation professionals. A bunch of people who do what I do for a living from all across this country and a few others will be in Sunny Louisville all week long swapping stories and maybe swapping some other things if I come back and there’s a hanger on the door. And we can toss around terms like “informal recreation coordinator” and “sport clubs assistant director” and everybody there will know what we’re talking about. But I realize that it’s kind of difficult to explain these things to people that aren’t in our profession. Erin recently asked me what I was doing at work. I told her that I was in charge of the Rec facility that day and that means that I walk around and make sure that everybody is happy. When she asked what I was doing that night, I told her that I had a basketball game with the Free Agents. I know; it’s a rough life. So to sum up…

Quote of the Day 4/3/06

“Oh, I think I understand. So basically, you play games and talk to people.”


And I’m demanding a raise.

Puttin bread on the table,

D Rec.

Still Standing Right Here…

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