Sore Loser

Sore Loser

I decided I am going to try to work out more consistently to keep up with these college kids out here so I can still pretend that I am one. I actually went rock climbing for the first time ever. I lasted 8 minutes and I couldn’t even grab a pencil. Then I went running for the first time since I started fucking up my body back in January. I can’t even tell you how many body parts hurt (Ed note: it’s at least 5). I was kind of interested to see which one would hurt first. Like I felt like I should be placing bets. Would it be the old Achilles? The new Achilles? The groin? The shoulder (who knows with me running)? Well, it turns out I am just out of shape. I feel like I’ve gained a little weight since I’ve been sitting on my ass since January. And my first thought while I was running was “Damn! I have to lose some weight before I go running again.” Maybe it sounds stupid, but I’m not kidding. And my forearms are still killing me. I can’t even type. I’m dictating all this to my secretary (administrative assistant, thank you).

I got to talking with an old pal Fred Frey about maybe going backpacking at Zion National park for 3 days in late July and we argued about whether or not I was in shape enough to do this. He insists I’m in better shape than most of the other guys going. I’m trying to tell him that I haven’t even walked up a hill in like 2 years. So I may just catch up with them when they go to Vegas afterwards. It reminded me of the day that Tony and I woke up early, hiked down and back up the Grand Canyon, and drove 5 hours to Vegas just for the night. We were both sore as shit and in lots of pain after that hike…

Quote of the Day 6/25/06

“I’ll probably be the only person in Vegas tonight going to a massage parlor for a legitimate reason.”


Well, that depends on your definition of legitimate.

Born to be sore,

D Rec.

Still Standing Right Here…

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