The Blue Pill

The Blue Pill

Hey peeps. I just wanted to send out a quick hitting quote since I’ve been here for over 7 hours and just now realized that I had today off. Also, I figure if I keep this short enough, you might read it, which I am starting to doubt after that underwhelming response with the phone numbers thing (Ed note: he just wanted to use the word “underwhelming”). Though it is truly strange the completely random people that still read this. Like I got very few responses from all my buds back in B-more and friends from high school, but Matt Anderson and Shannon Spence, who I haven’t seen in a collective total of close to 17 years, both gave me their phone numbers. And I think I got about 17 responses from all over the place. Guess I’m just gonna have to call them and start hangin out with them when I go back to B-More now. 🙂

We were out playing our summer softball league with the team that drinks during the games and literally shows up in a jet boat with a horn on their truck that had me looking around for train tracks. Anyway, I told them that I didn’t want to see any alcohol on the field. They thought this meant that they could bring it out in red cups. Idiots. Well, they got smarter last game and showed up with McDonalds cups. Brilliant! Anyways, one of those guys hit a line shot up the box right back at the pitcher. He flashed his glove in front of his face probably just as a reaction to not die, and came up with the ball in his glove…

Quote of the Day 6/26/06

“He chose the blue pill.”

-Mike the not drunk guy

The second baseman chose the red pill and got nailed in the face.

Finished my 7 hours of volunteer work,

D Rec.

Still Standing Right Here…

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