Father of the Weird

Father of the Weird

Hey guys and whatever it is the other gender wants to be called this week (women, females, hotties…). This quote of the day pretty much wrote itself. Actually, I guess Stryker wrote it. But the point is that it was very little work for me. Which is awesome because I’ve been here since 5:30am and my batteries need recharging. This was in reference to Geoff having a child in the last e-mail “Yes, RUPERT (at least it’s not Stryker).”…

Quote of the Day 6/29/06

“Hey, I’m smart enough to KNOW not to breed. Those little turd factories are expensive!”

-The Fatherless Stryker

And Cathy is on this list too. I hope I didn’t just start an awkward conversation. 🙂


Mr. Whistlehead.

Still Standing Right Here…

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