No I didn’t take you off the QOTD list

No I didn’t take you off the quote of the day list (aka, quote of the day 10/1/06)

Anybody out there see a week just wandering around lost? Because I seem to have lost a few of them.

Well, the dust has settled, but the smoke hasn’t quite cleared yet. And the thought of using this mixed metaphor has led to an internal philosophical debate about whether dust would settle or smoke would clear first. This topic has been tabled for our next discussion. Among some other topics I will be covering in the upcoming month are as follows:

  • The wedding I half crashed a few weeks ago
  • My mom’s first beer pong game
  • The season 2 debut of Grey’s Anatomy is NOT a National Holiday
  • Back to Brick Street
  • The new facebook stalking capabilities
  • Does anybody on this list actually waste their time watching Deal Or No Deal?
  • I am the world’s greatest wing man
  • My financial house arrest
  • Setting Balcony on fire

So I recently met this girl we call the “Giggle Blink” girl. I didn’t know what they were talking about until I met her, but it has since become abundantly clear. This girl only has two mental states. She’s either giggling or blinking. She’ll giggle and then immediately stop and her face will go blank and then she’ll just blink. The giggling will start again and it will disappear and she’ll go back to the blank face blink. She’s very binary. But I don’t think she’d know what that meant. I could tell her that and she’d probably just giggle. Or blink. But I can guarantee it probably wouldn’t result in a conversation. However, she is pretty hot so I’ll probably see her again.

Quote of the Day 10/1/06

Me: After a badly twisted ankle out on the soccer fields: “Do you have any feeling in your ankle yet?”
Guy: “Yeah. Pain.”

It’s not the best ever, but it’s late and tonight is my night to sleep

Back for better or worse,

D Rec.

Still Standing Right Here…

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