Frozen Rapids

Frozen Rapids

I’m coming back east! That’s right. Get prepared. Hide your children and your liquor and your little sisters (yeah, I went there). Anyway, I don’t have a lot of time to talk about it now, but I’m coming in Wednesday night around 6pm (anybody want to give me a ride somewhere?) and I’ll be here through the following Tuesday morning (ride back?). I’ll be carless (anybody want to be my chauffer? Lend me a car?), but I’ll have a lot of time.

I have a bad habit of scheduling these trips home months ahead of time and forgetting to tell anyone about them until I actually get to town. This is me not doing that. I’ll tell ya more later and I’ll see you all soon. But I have to run now to go freeze my ass off on some class 4 rapids. I have scheduled time to complain about that early next week.

Quote of the Day 10/13/06

Me: “How do they measure the class of rapids that a river is?”
Tony: “Number of deaths.”

Yeah, I think I already used it, but it’s funny and like I said, I’m under time constraints.

Catcha later, e-mail dudes,

Freezing Cricket.

Still Standing Right Hereā€¦

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