Immune System vs Poor Judgment

Immune System vs Poor Judgment

So I’m sorry to the few of you (including my mom and sister who was about ready to drive down to Baltimore to pick me up) who I may have misled, but this go-around is just a Baltimore thing. And I’m actually going to be there for a decent amount of time. As I said before, I’m flying back in for Big Ferg’s wedding on Friday and there’s also gonna be a Rock Star party on Saturday, but the rest is all up in the air as of now. Including how I’m getting back from the airport this Wednesday and where “back from the airport” is. So far the only ride offer I’ve gotten has been from Ferg, who is getting married two days later. That is a damn good friend right there. I also have a ride offer from Tom if I agree to give up Laverneous Coles for Lawrence Maroney, and I’m not kidding. So if anybody wants to do anything Wednesday night, starting approximately 5:57pm EST not counting delays, I’m game.

Anyway, I need to make this short because I’m tired as hell from not sleeping this entire weekend. This weekend was like a constant battle between my Immune System and my Poor Judgment. Bill’s pullover and fleece: advantage Immune System. Deciding to sleep out under the stars instead of pitching a tent: advantage back to my Poor Judgment. Liner and temperature-proven sleeping bag: advantage Immune System. Drinking about 10 beers just before bed: HUGE advantage Poor Judgment. This battle is definitely not over. I’m curious to see how it plays out. It looked as if my Immune System was going to squeeze out a victory. Then I decided to play soccer today in the cold rain with shorts on after sleeping about 6 hours in three nights. And I don’t know that you can even call that sleep. I don’t even think I sleep at all anymore. There are just a few parts of the night where I don’t pay as much attention as I normally do. But anyway, I’m determined to go to this wedding with hypothermia. I’ll show that Immune System just how much stronger a team my Poor Judgment is. It won’t see what hit it. OK, I gotta go. I may not sleep until I get there Wednesday at this rate.

Quote of the Day 10/16/06

Me: “Dude, don’t worry about me getting cold [out on the river]. I actually repel water.”
Justin: “Yeah, when he jumps in water, he doesn’t get wet, the water gets Dustined.”

Justin doesn’t want too much credit for this one because he thinks he stole it. I don’t care once again cause I’m still tired. I just sent this out because I still need a ride and a place to go.

Raging against the white blood cells,

Poor Judgment Man.

Still Standing Right Here…

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