the third day of Quotemas 2006

Video Killed the Christmas Shopper

Technology is a wonderful thing, but it’s actually making it harder to shop for people. You can’t buy CDs anymore because it’s so easy to download music illegally. And with Netflix and digital cable and DVRs, you can’t really buy DVDs anymore either. And with streaming internet and unprotected free wireless signals floating around everywhere, you really don’t even need to buy porn anymore. I hope everybody likes Corona bottle shaped lava lamps, because that’s pretty much all there is left. This is why I’m glad I decided that I don’t care if people like their gifts or not. That’s this year’s theme.

Speaking of porn, I recently heard that 1% of all the pages on the internet are porn…

The Third Day of Quotemas 2006

“That’s it? I would think that much would just be Asian porn.”
– Christmas Conover

A porn quote on Christmas Eve. Nobody tell my mom.

Tech the halls,

Still Standing Right Here…

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