The 4th Day of Quotemas 2006

The Perfect Marriage of Holiday Concepts

You’ll notice that the days of Quotemas don’t necessarily sync up with the days of Christmas. This is in theme with both the not caring about things that are late this holiday season and the recent (last five years) theme with the “quote of the day” not being daily or even in measurable increments of time. It will probably be closer to the 12 days of New Years Day. But anyway… MERRY CHRISTMAS to those of you who celebrate that sort of thing. And to those that don’t, enjoy the rest of the world giving you the day off of your obligations. I’m making this short because I need to wrap presents that will stay wrapped for about 2 minutes and then go get my eagles gear on. A Philly/Dallas football game on Christmas Day. It truly is the holiday season. J Oh, and check out this website. You can elf yourself for the holiday season.

The Fourth Day of Quotemas 2006

Me: “I’m warning you ahead of time that I am going with the theme that I’ve decided not to care about whether or not people like my gifts this year.”
Uncle Ed: “Well, you’re in luck. I’m going with the theme this year that I’m going to pretend to like everything that I get.”

He either really liked that Corona lava lamp or he’s a hell of an actor.

Spreading holiday cheer in some format,

Santa Rec.

Still Standing Right Here…

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