The 5th Day of Quotemas 2006

Late Without Hate

So my mom just told me that the 12 days of Christmas actually originally started on Christmas Eve and ended on January 6th. This is not the news you should give to a chronic procrastinator. But anyway, it gives me an excuse besides “I’m not getting paid and I have free will, so shut up.” That one always works though.

Good Joe came by the other night to say hi to the family and then pick me up and go do what I’ll talk about on the sixth day of Quotemas. Anyway, I gave him my gift, which actually happened to be on time, but unwrapped and I still didn’t care if he liked it or not. Turns out he didn’t already have a Corona lava lamp. What are the odds? So anyway, staying with the theme of not caring whether or not the gifts were on time, Joe said that he still needed to “go pick mine up.” I’ve known Joe for 14 years now. This of course means he didn’t have anything at all or a clue of what it would be. And that’s fine with me, so long as he’s not stressing out about it. So I jokingly asked him if it was a Jeff Garcia Eagles jersey. He said no. I asked if it was an Eagles hat…

The Fifth Day of Quotemas 2006

“Uh, no… but keep guessing.”

– Joe Crastinator

Get it? Cause he didn’t get me anything yet. I can’t wait to tell you what he decided on.

Better late than hate,

The PROcrastinator.

Still Standing Right Here…

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