Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

(taken directly from the Miami University Intramurals website)

Maybe it’s because I’m old school and I had a different set of heroes. I grew up watching Walter Payton, Tim Brown and Michael Jordan in a day before the “And 1 Mix Tape Tour” when it seemed that being a decent human being was also an important role in being a pro athlete. Now this humanitarian integrity has been replaced with exotic end zone celebrations, fantasy stats and players who would sooner walk over a fallen opponent than help them up. It’s become more about showmanship than sportsmanship. And just like Ronald Reagan predicted, it trickles down to all levels of competition. It goes from the pro game to the college game to recreational sports and all the way down to little league. And it’s aggravating to see the game change the way it has since I was taught what was important. So maybe that’s why I have so very little tolerance when I walk out on the field to see students intentionally threatening, bad mouthing and plowing into their fellow students. The presence of a ball in the setting of a field of grass does not give anyone the right to treat their fellow man with any more disrespect than they would in a classroom, on a bus or at a job. If you’re going to intentionally disrespect another player, fan or official with threats to their well-being or intentional bodily harm, you will no longer be participating in Miami Intramurals. This will serve as every team’s last warning. You signed up to play a game. I don’t care what your excuses are. No officiating is ever that bad and no game is ever that important. No one here is going pro. You are all playing for a t-shirt. And if you want one that badly, I’ll give you one.

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