The J Word

The J Word

So here’s an actual conversation that I had today with my self-proclaimed unjealous girlfriend.

Jen: “So I see you changed your blanket.”
Me: “Yes, I brought another blanket out. You’re using the other one.”
Jen: “That’s the one your ex-girlfriend made you, right?”
Me: “What? No. My day camp assistant made it for me.”
Jen: “But you dated her, right?”
Me: “No!”
Jen: “But you would have, right?”
Me: “Wha? I – don’t…”
Jen: “Well, you wanted to date her, right?”
Me: “I didn’t date or hook up with every girl that I ever knew, you know.”
Jen: “Are you sure?”
Me: “Why are you doing this?”
Jen: “Well this is the one that you had when you were with Stephanie, right?”
Me: “Well yeah… I mean – I did own a lot of stuff –”
Jen: “See?”
Me: “No.”

To Jen’s credit, she was joking around on some level. And I guess it’s possible the blanket was too close to the grill when she was cooking dinner tonight. And I’ll take jealousy over apathy any day.

Still Standing Right Here…

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