Video – The Bridgeport Experience (Speakeasy Open Mic)

Dustin Fisher tells a true story at SpeakeasyDC’s open mic from SpeakeasyDC on Vimeo.

This is by far not my best outing. I was trying to play a character and at least I’ve decided that it’s better to be funny than true to a character on stage this day. Also, if you haven’t read the following, they are about this performance. Feel free to read them and share in my on-stage pain.

Still Standing Right Here…

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2 thoughts on “Video – The Bridgeport Experience (Speakeasy Open Mic)

  1. I’m not going to pretend to know more about comedy, but this “character” just came off real douchey considering how much you talked about how great you were lol. Making fun of yourself is one of your strong suits, don’t take that away by turning yourself into someone who isn’t so easily made fun of!

  2. Yeah, my vision of this character (who is really not-so-loosely based on me) was supposed to be a pretty pathetic teenager still pathetically clinging onto a life where he was somebody, back when he was 11. Watching it, I realize that it did not come across as… pathetic. I’ve never actually had to try to be more pathetic on stage. It looks like I’m getting too much confidence on stage now and it’s affecting my character. Maybe this bad set will be just what I need to start fumbling over my words and getting back to what got me here… my patheticity.

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