Non-Competitive Volleyball and Scattegories Brain Farts

Well, I guess I’m only really calling it the quote of the “day” out of tradition now. But play along, won’t you. It will be a lot less painless for all of us and it may possibly improve your backhand. I played volleyball today in a sort of non-competitive setting (no pun intended) for the first time in a long while. And by non-competitive, I mean these guys thought you got to take the serve over if it hit the net on the way over. And they weren’t really proficient at anything, but they didn’t even understand that you could use the “three hits per side” rule to your advantage. And on one particular play, the ball was up in the air somehow and right above my head. I was going to roll it over the net when some dude from the back row came up and jumped on me to hit the ball over. I gave him a funny, relatively disapproving look and he looked at me and said “It’s OK.” Like he wasn’t mad at me or anything, thank God. Well, I’m glad he wasn’t upset at me for getting in the way of his randomly flailing limbs. Well, anyway, the day as a whole reminded me of just how lucky I am to have two opposable thumbs. (Don’t read into that any, it doesn’t have any other meaning.)
This quote comes from the guy who just gave me a computer yesterday. I want each and every one of you to kiss Don on the lips or at least pinch his butt every time you see him from now on for putting a computer together for me out of his old parts. That reminds me, I got a new free yahoo e-mail account that I’ll be able to use over the summer, so e-mail stuff to me on that account if you can, guys. And let me know if you’ll be on e-mail over the summer too. Well, my address is  I can’t freakin’ believe Extendo was taken. What kind of a bastard has that name? Well, I’m going to mail him and find out. And if he doesn’t have a cool answer to how he got the name, I’m going to mail dump him until his account gets closed on him. Then I’m going to steal his name, the prick. Oh, and also, Fathead was taken too! I can’t believe there are people out there with names as stupid as mine. Well, anyway, we were playing Scattergories earlier last semester and Don was in the game. There are two subjects in a row on one of the category cards: “cars,” and “things that are black.” The letter was “L.” We all read off what kind of car we had, Lamborghini, Lexus, Lincoln… and Don didn’t say anything. We got to things that are black and Don said “limo.” To this, Tony asks what he had down for cars…

Quote Of the Day 4/23

“Oddly enough, I couldn’t think of any.”
-Donald (not the duck)

That’s OK Don. I couldn’t think of a “country bordering the US” that started with “C.”

Searching for the evil yahoo name bandit,
Good Extendo.

Still Standing Right Here…

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