The Price of a Better Orgasm

Well, it’s that time of the semester again. The time where I realize what is really important in my life and so other trivial things like quote of the day, my RA job, and schoolwork fall by the waist side as I try to conquer every intramural sport and get Extendo over Groucho in the top ten worm rankings before Joe takes his computer back home for the summer. And I only have a month to do it! Better get cracking. On a slight side note, a bunch of us went to King’s Dominion yesterday and it was great! Better than Cats by a longshot! They strapped Tony, Joe and me into this bungee like hammock contraption and raised us 152 feet in the air and dropped us and let us swing around for a while. It was awesome! The funniest part was that Evil Joe, Mr. Testosterone, whining like a little 10-year-old schoolgirl the whole time. About 40 feet off the ground he tried to reach over and grab my pull switch. Everybody is allowed to call him a pansy now.


OK. This quote came when I was reading a few sex statistics that I had gotten over e-mail for a program I did last semester. I was reading them out loud to Tony, Russ and Suzanne. There was one statistic that said that over 500 Americans die every year from asphyxia (lack of oxygen to the brain), because they were trying to get a better orgasm. To this, Tony says…

Quote Of the Day 4/18&19

“OK, raise your hand if you still don’t believe in natural selection.”

Russ raised both of his hands.

Looking for the next best thing,

Still Standing Right Here…

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