Actual Spring Break

Hi everybody. I’m back again after a small hiatus in PA. “Hiatus,” at least the way I use it, means “week-long nap.” And while I was away, as some of you may have noticed if you tried to send me anything, my quota exceeded the disk space again. I’m going to actually have to start deleting all that old mail I’m never going to have a chance to read again anyway. I don’t know why I kept half that crap in the first place. Well, none of this is really any of your concern. Our little soccer team beat the Century Club last night. It’s always fun shutting those cocky little bastards up. Accept they were good sports about it last night. That pissed me off. I wanted to be pissed at them. Oh, well. I’ll get over it. But I won’t get over that shot that hit me right in the freakin’ face. I don’t know if you guys have ever seen an indoor soccer ball, but it’s like a hardened, overgrown tennis ball. Well, picture one of those hitting you in the face at 60 mph. My nose will be itching for days. Oh well, I showed him. At least that’s what I was thinking as I picked the fuzz from my nostrils.


Well, this quote came from Yelnick Lance Khannover when I went home for break. Him, Good Joe, and I were driving somewhere and he starts talking about our break and how late it is. He commutes to West Chester and had his break like two or three weeks ago. Joe goes to GMI Engineering School in Flint, Michigan, and hadn’t even left to start his Spring semester yet, but he’s different. Anyway, Mike was talking about me being home on break and he turns to me and says…

Quote Of the Day 4/2

“Your Spring Break is kinda late… It actually coincides with Spring.”
-Mike “Kubla” Conover

And Joe’s coincides with summer. The whole 3-day weekend of it.

Still surrounded by idiots,

P.S.- Yesterday (4/1) was Evil Joe’s birthday, but you are allowed to hit him up until midnight tonight. So if you see him today, beat the everlivin’ piss out of him for me. And everybody else he’s ever pissed off.

Still Standing Right Here…

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