The Ugliness of Proz

On Wed, 18 Mar, Good Joe wrote:

> It would appear that the last monster quote of the day took a lot out of
> ya big guy… I hope you’re all right. Did you get a cramp, or are you
> just taking a breather?

Actually, I just sent that message yesterday. I don’t know how you all got it last week. Stupid UMBC account.

Thank you all for your concern and I am OK, despite the wishes of several “save the whales” activists. And of course, Proznik. I’ve decided that sleep is a relatively important part of my life. Actually, indoor soccer started again. And wouldn’t you know it, my first day back after my ankle injury and I busted my bursa sack. Apparently, our elbows and other joints come equipped with air bags, except they’re filled with fluid (I guess they would be more like fluid bags). Well, I deployed mine last Wednesday and my elbow has been getting darker and bigger ever since. Somebody somewhere is laughing at me. And if it’s those damn whale people, I’m gonna be kicking somebody in the nuts, believe me you. And this time, it might not be Russ! Well, we here at UMBC will be leaving for Spring Break tomorrow, so I won’t be checking my e-mail for a week or so. Which means of course, that I’ll have to do some cleaning out of my mailbox when I get back, and that will take a trip up to ECS and a lot of time. I think I should get a special “quote of the day quota adjustment” of some sort. Oh well. Well, my point is that I definitely won’t be doing any quote stuff for that week, but I plan on skipping all my classes next week until I’m caught up, damnit! Graduation be damned, I’ve got obligations! Well, anyway, have a good break everybody. You all owe me a big wet kiss when you get back.


Alright. This quote is going to be the greatest quote ever because it comes at the expense of Proz’s looks, ugly bastard that he is. I heard that he might come up today, though I doubted, and I was telling Tony this. To this, he replied “Oh, what’s he going to circle the parking lot this time?” (Proz has a habit of coming up here, an hour drive each way, and staying for 45 minutes) But that’s not the quote. Tony went on to say how he actually saw Proz last time he was up here. And this is what he had to say about him…

Quote Of the Day 3/19

“He looked really bad. His hair was long in the back and it still looked like it used to on the top. He looked like a mixture between a country singer and a computer geek.”

I can’t legally write down on the internet what was said about his face.

Surrounded by idiots,

Still Standing Right Here…

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