Pager Burn

Well, I got a few things to say before I leave you all for a month. I know I probably don’t have to, but I feel a little bad. This will be the longest you guys have gone without a QOTD since probably about December. Anyway, if any of you have been writing me at my BumpSetNet@aol account, stop it. I’m going to dump that account because I don’t use it and it sucks, in that order. Also, I stepped into the world of technology and finally got a pager. So now you guys can get a hold of me anytime you want, and I reserve the option to pretend to have had my pager off so I don’t have to call you back. A lot of you are about to find out if you’re really a good friend of mine or not. I also received my first major burn as a result of having a pager. I was cooking a burger tonight and I happened to have taken it off and set it on the counter right next to me. Well, I had never been paged before, and it was apparently set at 24 decibels. Tony thought it was the smoke alarm. I scared the crap out of myself, which in turn caused me to, for some unknown reason, shove my hand in the grill. I figured out how to set it to vibrate. Anyway, the number is 410-307-3491. Don’t lose it. I refuse to give it to you again. Well, I’m going to critique the superbowl this year. It gets 9 bugs. It was an awesome game that came down to one singular yard on one hand, but on the other hand, Buffalo wasn’t in it and that massive party we were supposed to have that was going to involve about 20-25 people boiled down to 5. Me, Tony, Good Joe (who had come down Saturday night), Jason, and Jess, who didn’t even want to be there, but got snowed in. Everybody called and canceled on us with little wussy excuses about how they were stuck in their car on 95 facing the wrong way and shit. Well, y’all suck. You stuck the five of us with 20 beef patties, 12 soft pretzels, 10 chicken breasts, 30 buffalo wings, about 3 pints of cheese dip, beacoup de salsa and tortilla chips, and 3 1/2 cases of beer, which is an intolerable amount of food. And Joe and Jess weren’t drinking. Well, I didn’t quite finish all 37 of my share. I think somebody like maybe Andre the Giant could handle 37 cans of beer, but I’m a pretty convincing lightweight. I traditionally need to be cut off somewhere midway through my 4th. But it was a great game, and it would have been cool if there were other people to jump up with and scream when shit happened. Oh well.
We actually had the superbowl party a few days late. The volleyball team was coming back from our match at Navy and everybody was starving and broke and thinking “Damn! If only there were someplace that we could go that had lots of free food and beer!” So about 15 of us went to my place late Wednesday and finished off most of the stuff. It was the best superbowl party I ever had. If only we had the game on tape! So anyway, I’m thinking about hosting another Superbowl party in a few weeks.
I’ll let you know how that pans out.

We were coming back from the aforementioned trip to Navy when Lauren inquired about my cat…

Quote Of the Day 1/31/00

Lauren: “Is you cat still in heat?”
Me: “No.”
Clint: “Why not, did you take care of that?”

Actually, Jason’s the one trying to have babies with it.

Good luck in my absence,
Pager Boy X.

Still Standing Right Here…

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