Hitting the Slopes

I’m finally going skiing again!!! I’ve wanted to go again since I went for the first time last January, and haven’t gotten the chance to until now. Actually, remembering last time, I had a lot of fun, but I recall not being able to move laterally too well for a week. And my knees spent entirely too long twisted around each other with one of my skis stuck behind my other leg. I think I’m going to take the next two weeks and just stretch. And I’ll plant my foot down and twist violently for increasingly longer everyday to prepare myself for next weekend. But I still can’t wait. The planets have aligned once again and the many jobs of Mr. Whistlehead all have a well-placed break on the exact weekend that I was asked to go skiing. This was like Fate telling me I needed to go skiing. A higher power is at work here. Which means Good Joe needs to come too. In fact, the fact that I could make it was a big selling point for him…

Quote Of the Day 1/20/00

“You have off that whole weekend? You don’t have any basketball games to do or new cars to tow or anything?”
-Joey Big Stuff

No inflatable obstacle courses to oversee either.

Marking the spot,

Still Standing Right Here…

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