PHED 154 Winter y2k Duck Pin Bowling Final

PHED 154 Winter y2k Duck Pin Bowling Final

1) What days do we have class?
A) Mondays and Wednesdays
B) Tuesdays and Thursdays
C) January
D) I have not attended class enough to judge
E) All of the above

2) You get off the beltway onto which road?
A) Route 40
B) Security Blvd.
C) Peakaboo Street
D) The Road Not Taken
E) All of the above

3) Which movie is about bowling?
A) King Pin
B) Not Without My Daughter
C) Saving Private Ryan
D) Frankenhooker
E) All of the above

4) My name is
A) Dustin
B) Mr. Whistlehead
C) Screaming Cricket
D) Extendo
E) All of the above

Turn your papers into me when you are finished. Highest score gets a free beer on me. Good luck!

Drew was really sick last week. He woke up at 6 PM on Tuesday just to drag himself to volleyball class. But he wasn’t making too much sense whenever he spoke…

Quote Of teh Day 1/18/00

Drew: “How’s Lauren?”
Me: “I have no idea. Where did that come from?”
Drew: “Didn’t you ask Bart how Lauren was?”
Me: “No.”
Drew: “Oh… Well, maybe it was Julie that asked Bart how she was.”
Me: “Why would Julie ask him how her roommate was?”
Drew: “Well, uh… maybe it was just Bart asking me how I was.”

Or maybe it was just you asking yourself how I was.

Nothing but gutter,
DuckPin Dustin.

Still Standing Right Here…

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