Don’t Drum and Drive

Just to warn you, I’m going to skip the movie review this Friday because the last movie I saw in the theater that I didn’t already review was Double Jeopardy, and I can’t remember enough about it to do a review. And I’m tired of stealing the Brunching Shuttlecocks’ reviews anyway. As if I needed to give you guys a reason.

Well, to end the long reign of my car having at least something illegal about it, Tony, Flynn and I put my headlights in this past weekend. We actually did it with relatively little difficulty, which I know isn’t funny at all. Part of me wishes we screwed up at least a little bit so I’d have a story to tell, like maybe we accidentally plugged in a weedwacker instead of the headlight, but it went pretty smoothly. Sorry. Though I have since forgotten that they still point straight down. I had almost forgotten how much “fun” it is not knowing exactly which way the road turns 50 feet in front of me. Couple that with this new habit I have, which is bound to total my car and kill me soon enough. See, I’ve now started drumming along to whatever song is on the radio. OK. Well, it’s not a new habit, but now I use actual drum sticks. When Stryker owned the car ages ago and I rode as a passenger, he had these drum sticks in the passenger’s seat for whoever might be the passenger to amuse themselves during the voyage while he amused himself by driving there. Well, he sold the car to me with them in it, and it took me until a few weeks ago to realize that they can be used almost as easily by the driver of the vehicle. Well, maybe not just as easily. In fact, once I found out that the middle pad of the steering wheel functioned as almost a natural drumpad, I’ve had a lot more near accidents. And sometimes when I don’t feel like driving, or just when I feel like doing this instead, I stick the drumsticks up between the steering wheel and I pretend I’m driving an X-Wing fighter. It makes the trip more “fun.”

Well, I was driving the ole car with Stryker as a passenger the other day, and we were stopped at a red light. Apparently it turned green and I wasn’t paying attention enough to realize it…

Quote Of the Day 1/14/99

“It doesn’t get any greener unless you water it.”
-HeaD FaTKiD

I found another use for the drum sticks.

Writing my will,
Drumming, Sightless Cricket.

Still Standing Right Here…

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