Turning Into a Skid

Well, it snowed. And mind you, I’ve never driven a rear wheel drive vehicle in the snow before, so I was in for a treat. Stryker told me it would be “fun.” I guess he’s talking about that kind of “fun” that accompanies looks of terror and moments of panic as the back end of the car begins creeping slowly and involuntarily toward the row of parked cars on the right every time I try to make a left turn. They always tell you to turn into a skid, which makes no sense to me. That’s like telling a boxer to lean into a left hook. But it works. Temporarily. What happens is that you regain control of the vehicle, which is good. But you also happen to be under control going in a direction you don’t want to be going, possibly toward a group of parked cars on the right side of a road. Which is bad. I haven’t quite mastered the art of not hitting parked cars, but I’ll give you updates as I learn them. Actually, my snow tires are kick ass. They’re probably the coolest thing on there besides the Extendo license plates. They look like they belong on a monster truck. They have thick treads and illegal metal studs and everything (if you’re a cop, substitute the word “emergency” for “illegal”). Anyway, get yourself a pair of those. I’m not so sure that they help, but they make your car look bigger and badder than it did before.

Tony and I were watching the weather forecast last night when they said there was a 100% chance of precipitation…

Quote Of the Day 1/13/99

“Well that’s pretty cocky.”
-Cool Tony

Another reason I loathe meterologists.

Avoiding as many parked cars as possible,

Still Standing Right Here…

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