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My friend’s mom suggested that we get 3 personal fouls a day. I like the number, but I think that might be a bit much. If this gets out of my little click of friends, the world could turn violent. I think 6 a week is a good number. It’s more challenging to save them for the weekend, when you’ll probably really need them. I think you should also get a challenge a day, in case you don’t think a joke was really funny but everybody laughed out of politeness, or if you think the cab driver made a wrong turn but won’t admit it. Of course if you are proven wrong, you lose a time out. And while we’re sort of on the subject, my first quarter has just ended and the second quarter already begun. I didn’t get too much of a break between quarters here, so I’m taking the next few days off and going back home again. It’s really rare that I get all the planets to align and I don’t have to work at any of my jobs for 4 days in a row. Well, unless you count the last week and a half.

I had my second day of bowling class yesterday. We went over the 7-10 split and the proper celebratory technique after one gets a strike. The kids are really catching on quickly. I’m proud of them. Tuesday night, I was sitting in my chair making up a homework assignment for them to make sure they knew how to keep score properly. Tony asked what I was doing…

Quote Of the Day 1/4/00

Me: “I’m actually making up homework for my bowling class.”
Tony: “What are you doing? Giving them a pop quiz on directions to the bowling alley?”

You make a right on:
A. Security Blvd.
B. Route 40.
C. Sesame St.
D. The Road Not Taken
E. All of the above

How does that strike you,
Dr. Extendo.

Still Standing Right Here…

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