Bowling with Bloh

Actually, I don’t usually get that obsessed over superstars like I did about Britney Spears. I definitely don’t like her music, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an interview with her to determine whether or not she’s a well-spoken would-be princess-in-law. I just think that there’s some sort of sweet little innocence about her that I want to ruin. Or maybe it’s the illegal boob job she claims to not have done just before her breasts grew 3 cup sizes.

I informed Mike and Good Joe that a friend of mine was going to meet us at the bowling alley. They asked what her name was…

Quote Of the Day 12/30/99

Me: “Her name is Kelly Bloh.”
Joe: “I’ve seen that movie.”

Get it? If not, e-mail Joe at

Closing in on 2000,
X (Extendo).

Still Standing Right Here…

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