Finally Legal

Well, Britney Spears turned 18 on December 9th and I figured I had at least a month to figure out how I was going to make my move before she started dating royalty. Well, I saw her on E! with some dorky looking guy and I just assumed it was some dude from ‘N Sink or something. Nope. He’s the prince of England. I think I might have been able to woo her away from a wussy boy group popsicle, but the heir to any throne, especially England, is tough. Maybe Senegal or the Ivory Coast, if they have one, but not England. And the dude only gave me a two and a half week window. That’s just not enough time for a serf like myself. And Anna Kornikova has been going with that hockey guy since she was like 13 anyway. Natalie Portman has been 18 for almost half a year now, but she’s from Isreal. That’s almost like being royalty anyway. I guess I’ll just camp out on Kirsten Dunst’s doorstep until April 30th. And don’t let the fact that she is on the cover of a movie with another hot chick and the word “DICK” stamped across the middle of it give you the wrong idea. But damn, what a good marketing technique.

Quote Of the Day 12/29/99

Mike: “I actually like that Genie In a Bottle song.”
Me: “I like looking at Christina Aguilara.”
Mike: “That’s what I said. Weren’t you listening?”

Well, in that case, I guess I “liked” the Married With Children series.

Genie in a can,

Still Standing Right Here…

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