Ice Crushing Power and Calling Cards

Well, I got that blender I wanted. My uncle gave it to me on Sunday just to rub it in. So yes, I’m officially old. Again. My birthday is coming up on Saturday. If anybody out there was thinking of getting me any gifts, some jumper cables and a 2 pint sauce pan would be nice. Also, I wanted to make sure Tony hadn’t also gotten a blender because that would make mine obsolete. He answered that by asking the question “How many times have you seen me make a power shake?” Upon being prompted like that, I think the answer is somewhere around 5, but the point was well made. Apparently we already have one that I had just never been formally introduced to. Or should I say we have one to which I had never been formally introduced? And it hides on a shelf that isn’t directly between the refrigerator and the microwave. But mine has “ice crushing power” in case that ever comes in handy. I also asked if he had an extra humidifier. His answer was actually yes. Remind me to take inventory before I make next year’s Christmas list. You don’t have a blowtorch too, do you?

Well, my aunt got a great discount on a prepaid calling card, so she got them for the entire family. My dad was the first to use his to prove that it works. He called back home form Atlantic City to let my mom know that he was going to be staying later than he had anticipated. He’s a good kid, isn’t he? Anyway, he talked for a bit, bullshitted about how he was doing and a hand of 5 card draw he should have won and then broke it off…

Quote Of the Day 12/27/99

“Well, I better go. I only have 7 hours and 55 minutes left on this thing.”

Asking for money again,

Still Standing Right Here…

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