Jersey Barriers

So here’s my new method of attack for buying Christmas gifts for everybody. I figure anything they need, they already have or should get anyway. And everything they want, they could probably buy for themselves with the money they get for Christmas. So I’m getting everybody things they don’t want for Christmas. That not only guarantees that they most likely don’t have it already, but it also just about ensures that they won’t know what it is until they open it. Sure you won’t get that look of excitement in somebody who just got what they wanted, but you have to cut your losses sometimes. If you do choose to do this, I’ve found out that it’s a smart idea to keep most all receipts and have them handy. And you needn’t necessarily take this strategy into account when shopping for me. Good luck troops. I have faith in you.

About 3 weeks ago, Mike and I drove down to Atlantic City to see a Tim McGraw concert. The concert was lots of fun, but the commute was half the fun, as that stupid saying goes. Anyway, we found ourselves driving over a bridge in New Jersey with, coincidentally enough, Jersey walls on each side. They must have been doing construction of some sort. What this caused for us was a 2 minute period of time when Mike was driving over a bridge with big scary concrete walls less than 2 feet from either side of the car. At first it was a little scary for us, but Mike loosened up and commented…

Quote Of the Day 12/16/99

“Actually, this is kinda fun… Fun in that I hope I don’t sneeze sorta way.”
-Jersey Wall Mikey

This comment had me break out in hysterical laughter, which made him break out in hysterical laughter, which brought on another fun and scary few moments.

Going home for Christmas,

Still Standing Right Here…

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