Credits vs Jobs

You know, sometimes I just sit down at this computer, obligated to try to entertain all of you with a little humor, and I can’t think of a damn thing, funny or otherwise. And I start to worry. “Oh my God! They’ve found me out! I’m a phony.” It was about time. Probably long overdue. I’ve been faking humor all these years and getting extremely lucky. I’m sure a few of you have caught onto this by now, and I appreciate your silence. Of course any voice of opposition risks exposing himself or herself too. So if everyone wants to just keep on living pretending I didn’t bring any of this up, we can all go back to living in our ignorant utopia of comedy. Thank you.

I was talking to Mike on the phone the other night and he was complaining about having to leave his Christmas party early because he has a final the following morning at 8:00 or some crap like that, to which I replied…

Quote Of the Day 12/14/99

Me: “I’m lucky. I have the luxury of not having any credits.”
Mikey: “Yeah, well I only have one job.”

Touche, Oh Mediocre One.

Working too hard (or at least too much),
Screaming Cricket.

Still Standing Right Here…

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