The Milkman’s Sister

I got more car-related stuff for you. First off, my car wouldn’t start when I got out of work the other night. But that’s not a very exciting story. A friend drove me to the gas station to get gas and I put it in my car and it worked. Point of note – I spilled gas all over my hands and shoes. Onto the next story. I got pulled over again. Only this time, I had no idea what it was for. I wasn’t doing anything wrong at all. Except for the high beam thing which I no longer consider an offense because I’ve gotten used to it. So that’s why I figured he was pulling me over. Nope. He just thought I was driving a stolen vehicle. If I went into detail it would bore you, but trust me, I didn’t steal it. If I stole a car, I’d make sure it was one that started without a jump. Or gas.

Overheard at a volleyball tournament…

Quote Of the Day 12/13/99

Clint: “Hey Milkman, is that your sister over there?”
Milky: “She’s 16. If you ask another question, I’ll rip your dick off!”

As coach, I thought it best not to ask if he had any less young sisters.

Off and running,

Still Standing Right Here…

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