Worn Out and Connected

Well, I think I can sum up my general state of being after the last few weeks in two words… worn out. I’m always exhausted and I’m still never done what I want to get done in the day. It seems the more life goes on, the further behind I fall. At the pace I’m going, it’ll take me at least a few years to catch up to where I want to be now, and by then I’ll be 3 more years behind where I am now. And that’s if I don’t sleep. So I’ve decided to take action. I’ve decided on a few things. First of all, sleep is important. And the occasional nap between the middle lane of 95 and the rumble strip just isn’t enough rest for one day. Secondly, the amount of work I want to do exceeds by far the amount of hours I can set aside in the average day for that work. So I’ve taken the road of many people in my situation. I’ve decided after careful consideration to lower my standards. That autobiography can wait another millennium or so, and video collage of all of the Fourth Series Columbo episodes doesn’t seem all that important. Other things may also have to take a backseat, such as remembering birthdays and getting everybody different Christmas presents this year. See, the quote of the day falls unfortunately somewhere in the middle between reorganizing my t-shirts chronologically and showering, so there’s no telling when you’re actually going to get one. Kind of like a wart. But not that much like a wart. I hope. Anyway, you can pretty much bank on the fact that if you get a quote of the day, it means I had enough time, and if you don’t, I didn’t. That’s a pretty damn easy formula if you follow it correctly. I’m trying to make it as easy as possible for you. So please don’t call me late at night and ask if I’m going to do one. But I’m doing one now, so prepare yourself by doing whatever it is you do when you read these. I imagine it’s not as habitualistic or time consuming as what I go through when I write them.

My parents came down a few weeks ago to watch the Buffalo Bills (my favorite team) play the Ravens. It was kinda cool using my connections for once to benefit my parents. It’s like I’m starting to pay them back for all they did for me when I was a kid. I don’t think they were too crazy about selling peanuts and beer the whole time, but they got to see a really good game anyway. By the way, in case you haven’t been following along, there’s a rumor going around Baltimore that the Ravens suck. After the Kansas City Thursday night trouncing of the week before this Buffalo matchup, the coach decided to bench Stoney Case, the second quarterback they tried starting this year. So now they went with Tony Banks, the third string quarterback, to see if he could get something going against the Bills. Well, he really couldn’t. Anyway, my parents and I were walking back to the car and they thanked me for inviting them down and my dad said that everybody was impressed when he told them that I worked for the Ravens and I could get them into the stadium for free…

Quote Of the day 11/15/99

“Yeah, that’s all I tell them. They all think you’re like a scout or their backup quarterback or something.”
-Mr. Whistlehead, Sr.

Actually, I’m holding out for a job as Washington’s defensive coordinator.

Miles to go before I sleep,
Miles to go before I sleep,
Frosting Cricket.

Still Standing Right Here…

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