Road Maps, Tuna Melts, and Ambidexterity

As with every time I disappear suddenly from my duties as Quorax, I feel an explanation of my absence is in order. It’s actually twofold. Well, it’s more than just twofold. It’s like the kind of fold that a road map is. Eventually you just fold it in half, but it takes a lot of time and effort and folding just to get it to that point. And the odds that you did it wrong are well over 50%. What the hell am I talking about? Anyway, I’ve been doing several things that fall under two main categories, work and play. Since we last met, I got another couple jobs, the major one doing the shot clock for our varsity basketball games. It’s not exciting, but it’s low maintenance. Like peanut butter and jelly. And our volleyball season started up, so I’ll be away at tournaments for 3 weekends in a row starting last weekend. That’s more like a chicken ceaser salad. But moreso than work are these two new computer games I discovered. One is called Mind Aerobics and it’s a bunch of logic puzzles that they change everyday. Maybe a tuna melt. The other is called Get the Picture. What it does is it puts you in a room with up to 10 other people and gives you a picture and gives you 45 seconds to think of a funny or topical caption to it, whatever it may be. After that, you all vote for whichever one besides your own you think is the funniest. You get points for how many people voted for yours and it’s just really funny, trust me. If you really don’t need to graduate or accomplish anything important anytime soon, I recommend downloading it from In fact, I’m gonna go play it now again. I’ll see you guys next week when our volleyball team gets back from Princeton.

Quote Of the Day 11/11/99

“I’m bisexual. I like women AND lesbians.”
-Opposite Drew

I guess that makes me ambidextrous too.

For Love and Money,

Still Standing Right Here…

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