Rating Band Names of the 90s

Smash Mouth – Maybe I’ve become desensitized to it because I’ve heard the name so much now and all I think about is their good throwback to the 70s style of music, but the two words “Smash” and “Mouth” when put back to back portray a very violent image and make me cringe if I think about it too long. Think about it… Smash Mouth! Hurts, doesn’t it? Too much unnecessary violence for a nice, white collar straight rock band. C

Cherry Poppin Daddies – I gotta give props to anybody willing to go out there and say “Hey, we’re in it for the sex.” I don’t know what else “Cherry Poppin” could refer to, but I doubt that we’d even let that name slide by in our intramural floor hockey league. A-

Toad the Wet Sprocket – This is a decision they openly regret. They needed a name and they had just seen a Monty Python name by the same name and thought, “hey, that’s awesome.” So it’s partly a tribute to fine British comedy, and partly a marijuana-induced mistake. It also takes too long to say. C-

Backstreet Boys – They hit every nail on the head here. First of all, “Backstreet” is more general and unthreatening than “Inner City” and can therefore appeal to the suburban crowd too. Secondly, “Boys” is cuter and more harmonious as a word alone than “Men.” Also, they appeal more to the boys than the men of the suburban/urban world. And when you couple the words together, you get this fun alliteration indicative of their style of music. “Backstreet Boys.” See. A+

Puff Daddy – This gangsta rapper, Sean Combs, got his nickname “Puffy” while playing football at Howard U. He was the skinniest kid on the football team and would puff his chest out to look bigger. He named himself Puff Daddy as a tribute to his son. Kinda gives the guy a different image, doesn’t it? A

Sixpense None the Richer – Takes even longer to say than Toad the Wet Sprocket. And it sounds like they’re trying too hard to be cool. D

Stryker, Geoff, and I went to Subway the other day for lunch and when prompted by the lady behind the counter asking what type of cheese Geoff wanted on his sub…

Quote Of the Day 10/19/99

Geoff: “I like my cheese like I like my women. White American.”

I always preferred Easy Cheese.

Smashing Mouths,
Toad the Wet Cricket.

Still Standing Right Here…

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