Well, our mens volleyball club team had their first scrimmage of the year. And what better team to start with than the ex-UMBC men’s volleyball all stars? At least the ones that are still allowed on campus. Every single one of these guys were on the mens team when they were ranked #1 in the nation one year or another. And these happened to be all the nicer guys. Like the ones that didn’t get in that drunken knife fight on campus last February. Well, we have a deal worked out with these guys. They are playing in a USVBA club team (high level volleyball competition) and they need gym time because they no longer get free time like us college kids. And we need guidance and I could use a little help coaching the middle blockers and setters. Plus, a scrimmage against really good people is going to help us out a lot. Anyway, we grant them free gym time if they promise to talk to us afterward and help us out a little bit. Translation…

Quote Of the Day 10/14/99

“So they’re gonna come kick our ass and then they’re gonna tell us how they did it.”
-White Tony

Cool thing is that we actually beat them. Looks like a certain group of 6 people underestimated a certain other group of 6 people. And their coach.

Love, pink hats, and volleyballs,
Mr. Coach.

Still Standing Right Here…

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