Hostile Merging

It has recently come to my attention that most people don’t know how to drive. Sure, I get speeding tickets and hit curbs, but I know the basics. Like who’s turn it is to go at stop signs. They should just change the rule to say that whoever is the boldest person at the intersection at the time should go first, because that’s what happens. Most people just sit there trying to make hand motions or flick their lights. Whatever. I just go now beacuse I can’t trust people anymore. And even more annoying than that is the turn signal situation. Now I’m a big advocate of turn signals. It’s more dangerous to change lanes without signalling than it is to go 76.7 in a 55 MPH zone. Sometimes. Anyway, I always use turn signals. Even when nobody’s around, just out of habit. Mirror, signal, merge. That’s the right order. About 95% of all drivers fuck this up. If you just turn your turn signal on as you’re cutting me off, it’s too late. The signal is supposed to be used as a signal, like it says so in the title of the feature. It’s too late at this point. I already know you’re coming into my lane, but thanks for the gesture, asshole.

Quote Of the Day 10/12/99

“Wait a minute. I’m not gonna play if nobody’s gonna shit themselves.”
-Jeff Horton

I’m not going to tell you guys the context of this, but be assured drinking was involved.


Still Standing Right Here…

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