> Not to overstate the obvious, but…
> Leave the hat on.
> 🙂
> Steve Z

That’s just stupid, Steve. Sure it sounds good in theory, but there are so many things I do that require me to remove the alleged hat. First and foremost, there is sleep. Some can pose the argument that I don’t need to look good while I sleep, but they always say that you have the best chance to meet Mrs. Right when you aren’t looking for her. And that’s about the only time I’m not looking for her. If this theory is true, I’m going to either have to make a conscious effort to not look for her, or I’m going to wake up to her standing over my bed one morning. And if this happens my hair looking the way it currently does, I’m afraid that she’ll leave and go into Tony’s room. But he’s probably still looking for her even when he’s asleep. That’s just the way my crazy roommate is. Secondly, there’s… well, I guess there isn’t too much else other than sleep that should require the hat removal, but I think I’ve made my point quite clear. Maybe I could just wear one of those bonnet things that tie on, that way it will stay on while I toss and turn. I’m pretty sure I have one. Probably in pink, too.

Well, we just won our championship soccer game today. It always feels good beating ZBT at anything, especially 8-0. It might have been a different story if the Skivvies were around, but I guess we’ll never know. And we have the shirts to prove it. Speaking of the Skivvies not being around, that reminds me of a story about Ryan McMullin, a former Skivvie who, when intoxicated, almost always decided everyone in whatever room he was in needed to see his dick. This guy is quite the typical college drunk. Joe was telling me a story of the soccer club team last year and a game they had. During warmups, Ryan was running around the field with a bottle of vodka in his hand, drinking from it everytime he turned a corner. And Joe’s tone of voice when telling the story was not degrading or bad at all, but rather it was one of respect and admiration. Tim interupted Joe’s little story…

Quote Of the Day 10/6/99

“Wow Joe. He can drink AND play soccer. He must be your hero.”

I think a lot of the humor there, as in all the e-mails I send out, is lost in the delivery. Next time I see that happening, I’ll give you directions on how to read it and what tone of voice to listen to it in your head in and what not.

Goalie, coach, and part time frat buster,

Still Standing Right Here…

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