Rating My Friend’s Senses of Humor

All of my friends have pretty much the same sort of sense of humor, but there are some notable differences. I may very well get my ass reamed for this, but I’m going with it anyway.

My Friend’s Senses of Humor

Tony – Tony is definitely the wittiest of the whole group. And he’s damn quick too. Tony’s major flaw is that he’s only funny to a select group of moderately to highly intelligent, well read folk. And a lot of it is subtle, so if you aren’t listening close enough, you won’t even recognize it as a joke. Basically I’m saying that if you don’t think Tony’s funny, it’s probably because you’re dumb. If comedy was like baseball, Tony would be leading the league in hits. A

Kevin (the cowboy) – Kevin is like the sleeper of the group. You really don’t expect him to be as funny as he is, but he is. If slugging percentages were given out to comedians, he’d be leading the league. Kevin has a filter to get rid of most of the bad jokes he thinks of, and he’s the best at saving the bad ones that still get through. But he still dresses like a cowboy and he moved to Oregon. Still, he’s definitely got the best delivery of all of us. A

Mikey McConover – Mike’s filter is busted. He knows it. He sometimes has to look behind him after he tells a joke, like when you’re trying to convince people you aren’t the one who farted. But he’s best with shock value humor. Like spewing stuff from your nose kind of humor. I sound like I’m stretching but I’m really not. Mike’s actually a good all around ball player. He’d probably lead the league in stolen bases and strikeouts. As in the kind that happen to him, not the kind the he happens to other people. A

Good Joe – With the possible exception of myself, I would probably say that this guy would be the next person in line to pretend to hit themselves in the balls, or actually hit themselves in the balls if the situation called for it to get a laugh. In case you don’t want to guess what I meant by that statement, I’m basically saying that Good Joe will take a pratt fall and make it look good. He’s more willing to go for the physical humor than most. It’s when he opens his mouth that things start to go wrong. He’s probably up there in the hit by pitch category. A

Well, you didn’t think I was going to start a fight, did you? And the A+’s are reserved for people like Paul Reiser and Ryan Stiles. Maybe my dad. Anyway, this is a follow-up joke that describes what we think is funny around each other when we go out. This has a very good possibility of not being funny to anybody else. There, you’ve been warned. Anyway, this is what we think is funny at 1:30 AM on a Friday.

Quote Of the Day 9/23/99

Mike: “How long does it change you to take a shirt?”
GJoe: “Four.”

Take it for what it’s worth, but don’t try to read anything into it.
You’ll be here all night.

Going back to the minors,

Still Standing RIght Here…

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