Rating Ways To Get Money Illegally

Ways To Get Money Illegally

Pickpocketing – This takes a lot of skill and a lot of confidence. If you go into a pickpocket not so sure of yourself, you’re gonna screw it up. And it’s not like you can play it off like you didn’t mean to take their wallet out of their jacket. I give props to good pickpockets. Bad pickpockets probably get their ass kicked a lot. A-

Blackmail – What a wussy way to get money illegally. People who blackmail other people usually don’t even need the money, they just found something out they shouldn’t have and try to get whatever advantage they can out of it. Blackmail is for pussies and capitalists. D-

Armed Robbery – People often get hurt in cases of armed robbery, and I’m not a big fan of people getting hurt, especially innocent people. And they have to be mean usually, or people just don’t take them seriously. But at least they don’t beat around the bush. “I have a gun. Gimme your money.” No bullshit. You either have to have big balls or be stoned to be an armed robber. C+

Breaking Into A Bank or Other Place While They Are Closed To Steal Stuff – I’m sure there’s probably a shorter legal phrase that means that, but you all know what I’m talking about, which is good enough for me. I can appreciate this. These people take this stuff seriously. It’s like a real job. I set up inflatable pepsi cans for Ravens games, they break into banks and steal money. You need to be smart to do this stuff. And they really go out of their way to make sure nobody gets hurt. And they have neat tools that cut glass in circles. If I found out a friend was one of these people, I probably wouldn’t turn him in. If I found out he was a blackmailer, I’d kick him in the nuts. A+

Quote Of the Day 9/21/99

“How long does it change you to take a shirt?”
-Mikey Khanover

Once he had already botched the coherent and grammatically correct sentence, he still decided to run with it. That was the cool part.

Embezelling and proud,
No Nipples.

Still Standing Right Here…

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