The Wisdom of Solomon

It’s EASTERTIME!!! That’s right. It’s the first Sunday after the first full moon of the Spring Equinox (now how many of you knew that?). And you all know what that means! That’s right, rabbits and eggs. Is anybody else out there aware that rabbits don’t even have eggs? I’m sure you all know that, but what the hell do these things have to do with Jesus rising from the dead? And chocolate? I’m thinking that maybe rabbits are inherently jealous of birds. Probably because they can fly. So every Spring, when the birds lay their eggs, the rabbits steal them, camouflage them, and hide them so the birds won’t find them. Just a theory.

I trust everybody out there had a decent break, or at least nobody skewered themselves with a spork. On the last day I was here, I saw Solomon in the lounge and he asked what I’d be doing over break, to which I replied that I was going to sleep all break so when I got back, I’d be ready to go for a couple weeks. He laughed and made fun of my logic, and in his best sarcastic tone…

Quote Of the Day 3/31

“Yeah, I’m going to go home and pee all break. That way when I get back, I won’t have to pee for the first two weeks.”
-Solomon (Freshman representative insomniac)

Well, I’ve been able to hold it for two days now. You may just be eating
your words there, big guy!

Chipping for bogie,

Still Standing Right Here…

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