Top of the World

Top of the World

The thing about being on top of the world is that you inevitably have to come down. But I’m living it up while I’m here. I still cannot believe I’m part of a production so heralded and raved about that is a mere 5 tickets away from selling out a 70-seat theater in 4 of our 5 shows. The three other members of this production have been nothing short of amazing. I feel like the new guy around people so immersed in this culture but they certainly don’t treat me that way (Heck, I hadn’t even heard of the Fringe Festival before this year). They treat me as an equal with as much respect for me as each other. I am humbled by their confidence in me and their professional approach to this production. As a very amateur stand-up comic with little more than 7 minutes of stage time on an average night, I have never prepared this much or worked this hard. Molly, Jenn and Kevin have introduced me to this new genre of performance that I’m just happy to be able to not screw up for them. And they aren’t trying to hide me at all. In fact, quite the opposite. They have me opening and closing the production. That wasn’t done with intention, but it wasn’t a concern to them at all. I am mostly happy as a team member that I haven’t let my team down, especially after they chose me as the fourth member of the production. It could have easily been somebody else, but they all saw something in me and I’m thankful for whatever it was that I did to catch their eye.

I am so happy to have been a part of this production and to have worked with these three geniuses and of course our two directors – Amy and Joe – who shaped this performance into the finely crafted piece that it is. I will certainly talk more about this later and can’t wait to write an “Inside the Head of a Performer,” but I still have a couple more shows to make sure I’m prepared for. Thanks again to everyone. Yap at ya tomorrow.

“This move was going to be the greatest thing I could have done for my ego. And also presumably my id.”

– Dustin Fisher, Logic, Luck and Love

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