And In Recent News…

And In Recent News…

Hello again to my loyal following and all apologies for my most recent unplanned sabbatical. My life gets busy like this at this time every year for several reasons, but this year more than most. To catch you up, here’s why I am so busy:

· August 30 – New semester started. As I work at a college, the beginning of the fall semester is unequivocally the busiest time of year. (Ed note: He doesn’t know what “unequivocally” means)

· August 31 – I am teaching a freshman seminar class again this semester. My co-teacher hasn’t quit yet this time, so I’m already feeling a lot better about it.

· September 1 – I start taking my class. I am officially going back to school to earn an MFA in creative writing and began by taking a class in “Personal Essay,” which is pretty much what I have been writing for the last 15 years. You’d think that the presence of a class like this would equal more website updates (Ed note: He still refuses to call them “blog posts”), but that’s not necessarily the case. Last time I took a writing class, my head got so messed up, I couldn’t figure out how to write for my website for months.

· September 3 – I proposed to Jenn. My fiancée. She accepted. We then flew to Barcelona for a week. It’s a hell of a day when flying to Spain is the second-most interesting thing you do in a day. (More on this later)

· September 9 – The NFL season started. I’m not saying it’s important in the scheme of things, but this is a list of what is occupying my time, and I’m not a liar.

Other crap has also happened that I will talk about when the time is right, but suffice to say that I’m busy. I will, however, try to upload a picture from Barcelona each day, if for no other reason than to recapture this awesome trip which now seems like a distant memory. But until then, welcome back! (That was mostly for me)

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