Life or Something Like It

Life or Something Like It

HEY! Anybody out there hear that new life was just discovered by NASA last week? No, I’m not kidding. I know the prince just got married or engaged or laid or something and I can understand how that was more important than disproving the existence of a God in our Perez Hilton-run culture. But hear me out real quick:

Evolution is a proven theory, regardless of what the radical right says. Mutations (the creature adaptation kind, not the Toxic Avenger kind) and cell division are easy enough to see and understand. Every new scientific discovery was able to be explained away by the rapidly-adapting creationist theory almost laughably, like an only child trying to explain how the cat got spray-painted in the face of all the evidence against him. The problem for science was always explaining how the first cell formed. They used Chaos Theory as a base and said on a long enough timeline that life just randomly happened in the cooking primordial ooze. This weak concept was religion’s chance to laugh back.

Until Friday.

This discovery doesn’t necessarily explain away God. He certainly could be the creator of both of these paths of life. But it does prove that life can be – and in fact was (pending more investigation, I assume) – born on its own in primordial ooze. I know this wasn’t from outer space and doesn’t talk, but I don’t think the greater public appreciates this discovery as much as they should. And in a world where the marriage of a prince to some random chick is that much more important than the discovery of an arsenic-based life form in California, I understand why some people don’t believe in evolution.

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  1. That there be blasphemy. All them words be un-American! You un-American son! You against the war? Means you don’t like ‘merica! You wanna talk about the biggest scientific find of recent times instead of Survivor 53? Communist!

    With that being said, check this out.

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