A Christmas Mulligan

A Christmas Mulligan

We all get one, right? I’m using mine this year. I shanked this Christmas so far out of bounds, I couldn’t even find it with those specialized glasses designed to block out everything except Christmas. Shit, I’m just getting around to sending this out now and it’s already New Years Eve.

See, you know that moment when you first realize that Christmas is coming? Well, mine didn’t happen until my Christmas Eve family party. I shot the gauntlet through two holiday parties without really getting into the spirit. I did the minimum required to not piss anybody off this year, which is a crappy thing to have to admit, but I did. I didn’t, however, get to do anything fun like I did the last couple years with the demotivational desktoppers or the wooden signs. And nothing has gotten mailed out yet. Sorry, old friends and Nana.

But that’s why we all get a mulligan. Maybe next year I won’t be planning a wedding, teaching a class, taking a class, rehearsing for a major show, house shopping and preparing for a trial. Or else I’m gonna need to find a new list of excuses. Thankfully there’s always football season. In the meantime, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas (sacred or secular) without me and I’ll get you back next year with another golf metaphor.

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